We are hosting a monthly book club. This will take place on the last Sunday of every month, at 10 am.

We are reading Swampland Flowers, by the great 12th century Chinese Zen Master Ta Hui, translated by Christopher Cleary. This book consists of a series of short letters he wrote to lay practitioners, outlining the core of Zen practice, its methods, pitfalls and applications for living in the world as an ordinary/extraordinary human being. Please join us!

At the next meeting, we will be reading and discussing letters fifteen and sixteen.  You are welcome to attend and participate whether or not you have the chance to read them in preparation for the meeting.

Note: while the hardcover book is out of print, there are some used copies out there. Also, it is available as an ebook to download to your reader or tablet. And…if neither of those options work for you, we have a few copies at the Zen Center.