Choosing our new Guiding Teacher

As discussed at the most recent Sangha Meeting, Zen Master Jeong Ji will soon be stepping down as Guiding Teacher for Blue Heron Zen Community. Our bylaws specify that the Board of Directors chooses the community’s next Guiding Teacher, and that Sangha members in good standing ratify the Board’s choice. Zen Master Jeong Bong received transmission from Zen Master Ji Bong and Zen Master Jeong Ji in September 2023. He is an excellent teacher, comes highly recommended by Jeong Ji Soen Sa, and is the clear choice as the next Guiding Teacher at Blue Heron.

As we choose our new Guiding Teacher, the Board would like all of us — Board members, Sangha members, and Jeong Bong Soen Sa — to have an opportunity to share in conversation and consideration of our community before ratification take place. We believe such a process – during this time of transition – will be of value to the community, and a chance for us to pause, ask questions, and reaffirm our direction together.

The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Sunday, May 19, at 1:00 PM, and will take place at our Zen center building and streamed online. During that meeting the Board will hold its vote on the selection of Zen Master Jeong Bong as our next Guiding Teacher. At that same meeting, the Board will discuss and arrange a future community meeting in which all of us will have an opportunity to meet together with Jeong Bong Soen Sa and share thoughts. Sangha members in good standing will then vote on whether to ratify the Board’s choice.

Community members are welcome to attend the Board meeting on May 19, and we strongly encourage all members to attend the subsequent meeting. That follow-up meeting will likely occur 1-2 weeks after the meeting of the Board, and will be our opportunity to talk with Jeong Bong Soen Sa and participate in the ratification process.

Yours in the Dharma,

The Blue Heron Board of Directors