In response to the COVID pandemic Blue Heron instituted certain guidelines for in-person practice, including the spacing of cushions in the Dharma Room. Recently, attendance at in-person practice has increased considerably, necessitating a decision about whether cushions may be spaced more closely together to accommodate all attendees during practice sessions and ceremonies. This matter was brought before the Blue Heron Board of Trustees on Sunday, November 13, 2022. The Board gave its approval for the practice leader at each practice session to relax spacing requirements between cushions, as needed, to accommodate all attendees up to the maximum number of attendees allowed in the Dharma Room by code. Also, although we are not checking the vaccine status of attendees, we continue to encourage attendees to have received vaccination against COVID and ask that they wear masks while inside the building during formal practice sessions. Thanks for your contribution to the Blue Heron Zen Community.