Kyol Che 2023 : January 22 – April 23

Please join us for our annual Blue Heron Kyol Che. The special nature of Kyol Che is that it offers us an intensive “coming together” practice, when we can re-invigorate our training with the support of our sangha and teachers.

This year’s Kyol Che will take place from Sunday, January 22th through Sunday, April 23rd. All are welcome to attend.

Weekly Kyol Che meetings will occur on Sunday mornings with hybrid online and in person practice.

The focus for this year’s Kyol Che is Zen’s Women Ancestors. Who are they, and what wisdom and compassion teachings have they extended to us over the millenia? And why is this important? From the mythological to the unnamed and little-known, we’ll be learning from these women ancestors and weaving them into the great, rich history of Zen.

Workshops will be held every other Sunday morning, beginning February 5 and running through April 16. Each workshop session we’ll be presenting women teachers in a somewhat chronological and geographic manner, starting with India, then moving to China and Korea. We aim to make these sessions as interactive and immersive as possible.

Part of the engagement with this topic will be an extra online session on Tuesday evenings which will be devoted to conversations about poetry and prose from the current era and teachers being studied.

For more information, visit the Kyol Che page

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