We are creating a space for generosity and creative work through the Blue Heron Zen Winter Gift Exchange – a white elephant-like gift exchange.

If you commit to participate, you will be assigned a recipient from a digital drawing conducted with all the individuals who want to be involved. The gift itself is to make/write/draw/sculpt/sound a piece of art for whoever you’ve drawn as your recipient. The piece can be digital and/or analog. If analog, you will need to be willing to mail by postal system. The gift should be created and sent to your recipient by January 1, 2023.

If you are interested in participating, please reply to sangha member, Deborah Poe, by November 30.

In Zen we work in a tradition where words are used for teaching wordless things. Art, writing, making, and music allow us to communicate the heart/mind in direct ways. The Blue Heron Zen Holiday Creative Gift Exchange allows us in community to explore insights gained through creative endeavors. In doing this gift exchange, we come together in a different way, have fun, and inspire each other.