Kyol Che Workshops – 2022

The title of this year’s Kyol Che was Body, Breath, Heart and Mind – The Same or Different?  Although we train with our entire being, Zen has always placed great emphasis on mind. As a result, we sometimes forget to include the body, breath and heart in our ongoing practice. Over the course of six workshops, we shone a light on how body, breath and heart can work together with mind as co-equal partners.

Workshops were held every other Tuesday evening, beginning February 8 and running through April 19.  You can listen to the audio by clicking on the title.

Feb 8, Befriending the Body.

Presented by Jean Dallas, Dharma Teacher, massage therapist, long-time practitioner of body-focused meditation traditions.

Who is the loyal, trustworthy guide you take with you everywhere and how do you access its teachings? Join us in guided meditation to explore the experience of body, heart and mind.

Feb 22, Enlightened Heartache.

Presented by Zen Master Jeong Ji (Anita Feng), guiding teacher.

How do we practice with strong emotions? We’ll use the teaching phrase “Rest in openness to the totality of present moment awareness” as a guide.

March 8, Bowing. Inner Essence of Bowing.

Presented by Jeff Tipp, JDPSN

The Full Body Enactment of Zen Mind.

March 22, Breathe — You Are Alive.

Presented by Gerald Seminatore, Dharma Teacher.

One of the late Thich Nhat Hanh’s best-known teaching phrases inspires a workshop on the relationship between breathing and meditation. As a physiological process that can be both automatic or conscious, breathing offers a bridge between body and mind. We will hear some instructions from sutras on breath meditation, explore some Taoist breathing techniques for moving energy, and leave with an overview of the impacts of conscious breath practice on wellness

April 5, Practicing and Living with Physical Pain.

Presented by John Craycraft, Senior Dharma Teacher.

This workshop will explore the challenges that pain entails, things that can be done to lessen it physically, as well as the effects it has on our mind and what we can do to work with that. We will also have some open group discussion where people can share their experiences (sharing is optional).

April 19, This Sensitive Body.

Presented by Ava Louise Stanton and Bob Zeglovitch from the Just Show Up Zen Sangha, Santa Monica, CA.

The body is very sensitive and has much to teach us. We will experiment with sensing in both motion and stillness. The spirit of this work will be with curiosity and openness, including some dialogue for feedback and learning.

April 26, Closing Talk

Eric Nord, JDPSN