BHZC Member Meg Guilland is volunteering with the AQUA Food Bank at 12736  33rd Ave NE in Seattle.

Volunteers helping in this position will work directly with our neighbors to pack foods that match their needs. Volunteers will take down any dietary restrictions and then select appropriate foods from several stations to create a bountiful box designed to last the family for an entire week.

You can expect to serve with 18-20 other volunteers though many volunteers will be placed with a partner to help expedite filling orders. Please show up on time and sign in at the door. We keep volunteer crews small to help with social distancing but that means we count on everyone to show up for their shift and be on time.

A few extra points: At this time, we are asking that anyone exhibiting symptoms of a cold or virus within the last two weeks, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, to not come in. We will happily provide masks and gloves for volunteers if you do not have one! Lastly, please wear closed-toe shoes and warm clothing as our warehouse is not climate-controlled environment.

You can sign up for any number or date of shifts.  Meg invites you to join her on
Thur, 09/24/2020
Thur, 10/22/2020
Thur, 11/19,2020
and says, “I’m also able to go on Saturdays. Since those are more popular, I don’t sign up for them unless someone else I know would like company. (Let me know!)”

To sign up, contact the volunteer coordinator Lara-Ashley Monroe at

More information is available at

or contact Meg by email at, or by text at (206) 612-7161.