Online Practice Opportunities

Please join us! The dharma room has been expanded to include our national and international sangha.  All are welcome. What follows are the current practice opportunities we are offering, along with instructions on how to navigate our online practice world.  (Please note: if, after giving it a try, you are still having difficulties, please contact for assistance; someone will be in touch to help out.)

Our Online Group Practices

Please verify you are not a robot to see the Zoom video conference information:

You are welcome to join in any of these events. No sign up necessary.  If you need to, entering late is ok, as is leaving early.  If it’s your first time trying this out, come early if you can.  The Head Dharma Teacher will be available to help you get started.

  • Mondays through Saturdays    7:00 am
  • Tuesdays    7:00 pm
  • Sundays    9:00 am.  Beginning May 15 Sunday practice will be a hybrid of online and in-person practice

Practice includes:

Practice with Special Chanting includes:

Dharma Dialogue Opportunities

Jeff Tipp, JDPSN and our senior dharma teachers are offering Dharma Dialogues online if you would like to discuss your practice and any questions you might have.  Please get in touch with them individually to schedule an appointment if you would like a one-to-one Zoom meeting.

Instructions on how to sign up with Zoom and how to navigate its tools

The Zoom platform allows groups to meet online.  If you have not used it before, please allow yourself about 5 or 10 minutes to set up the program on your computer, phone or tablet.  Note that Zoom requires a device with a microphone.  Although a camera isn’t required, it would be an asset for the meeting experience.

The first time you use Zoom, the link will direct you to a sign in page, where you give Zoom your email address, and you will be directed to download and install the Zoom program on your device.

You are never required to use the app to join our meetings; you may join from a browser instead. To do so, follow these steps (Zoom support article):

  1. [optional] Uninstall the Zoom app if you have previously installed it
  2. Click on the Zoom meeting link.
  3. When prompted by the Zoom web page, click on the “join meeting” option, and then “join from your browser”. (Do not download and install the app.)
  4. Zoom may ask you to Sign In to your account.
  5. We expect this to work in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and some other browsers. For the first attempt, we suggest to join the meeting early, in order to confirm your setup.

Note: the browser option maintains web browsing security protections, but a few features are not available. For example, browser meetings do not show the “Brady Bunch” gallery-style view.

When you click to join the Blue Heron’s meeting room, you will either enter the room or be told that the system is “Waiting for the host” to start the meeting. The Head Dharma Teacher will open the room 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Support A Clear Experience

Here are a few helpful hints for a more pleasant meeting experience:

  • Make yourself comfortable, either seated on a cushion on the floor, or seated at a desk – whatever works best for you. Give yourself a comfortable space to practice within earshot of your device.
  • Turn off phones or other things which can be a distraction.
  • Familiarize yourself with the task bar controls.  Most Zoom session controls are at the bottom of the screen in a task bar which will appear when the mouse is moved, and disappear when the mouse is still.
  • Remain muted while practice is in session (during the recitation of the 4 Great Vows, chanting and sitting).  The mute control is a microphone icon in the left side of the lower taskbar.  Because of background noises and issues with shared electronic sound, we start the session with everyone muted.
  • To change your view of other participants, there is a toggle in the upper right hand corner of the screen, labeled “Speaker View” or “Gallery View”.
  • To send a message to the Head Dharma Teacher (or meeting host), use the Chat “button” in the task bar.