The second of our two annual Sangha meetings will be held on December 4, beginning after our Buddha’s Enlightenment Day Ceremony, at approximately 10:00 am Pacific Time.  This meeting is open to all members and interested parties.  It will include updates on Zen Center business, and offers opportunities to ask questions and make suggestions.  Members in good standing will nominate and elect at-large board members to two-year terms.  Please come to this important meeting of the community!

This meeting will be conducted at the Zen center, and in-person attendance is an option, but the meeting will also be streamed on Zoom. Those attending online will be able to fully participate in the meeting. Those attending in-person should be vaccinated and wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask.

Follow this link to download the Sangha Meeting Agenda

We will be reviewing and approving the minutes of the past two Sangha meetings.  Follow these links to view the draft minutes:
December 5, 2021
April 15, 2022