Donations and Dana for Kyol Che

The fourth area of commitment for Kyol Che is Donations and Dana. Other than our usual retreat fees, there is no “fee” for Kyol Che. However, there should be some monetary donation made to both the Blue Heron Zen Community and the teacher. The amount is not so important as the appreciation and intent behind it.

The “Donation Amount” supports Blue Heron Zen Community. The “Dana Amount” supports this year’s Kyol Che teacher.

Please fill out and submit this donation form so that we know the amounts you are giving for donation and for dana, then make your donation by either method below.

Donate with PayPal Donate with a Check

Please add a note stating
the purpose of the donation

(Note: the PayPal processing fee of 2.2% + $0.30 will be
deducted from donations to teachers)
Please make check out to BHZC and mail to:

Blue Heron Zen Community
P.O. Box 31003
Seattle, WA 98103-1003

Please include a note on the check that it is “For Kyol Che”
and the donation amount and dana amount

Blue Heron Zen Community is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt nonprofit religious organization. Donations are tax deductible

The Dharma is free. The value of the Dharma is infinite.
Waking up to the Dharma is not difficult; also it is not easy.
How then, can we give thanks for these Dharma teachings?
Bowing, we express our gratitude for the bright mirror wisdom
we have just received.

Importance of Dana: Dana is one of our core Buddhist practices. From the beginning of the original sangha, monks went on daily alms rounds. If they came to a house and were turned away, they had to go back to that same house the next day. At times, that may have been uncomfortable for both parties, but it reinforced that this practice is not so much about two individuals, but recognizing the fluid nature of generosity and gratitude.

Who is giving? Who is receiving? If we wake up to the truth of this moment, we can see for ourselves that the universe is fully open, generous and free-flowing without reservation. The first step is to be aware that we’re already on the receiving end of vast unlimited gifts. So dana is the practice of seeing that truth, and responding in kind.

Students may wish to offer gifts as an expression of gratitude for our teachers’ offering of the Dharma. Since we wish to avoid any undue influence that dana might have on the essential student-teacher relationship, all dana intended for the teachers will be received anonymously.