Residency at Blue Heron Zen Center

Photo of the BHZC backyard.

The commitment to live at the Blue Heron Zen Center in Seattle is a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s practice and directly experience the relationship between daily life and our original nature.

The regular schedule of practicing, eating, and working together allows us to see our karma appear and reappear.  We can see how opinions and habit energies create problems for ourselves and others.  When we let go of our opinions and conditions, it becomes possible to live with clarity and harmony.  As we learn to cooperate, to see clearly, and to accept people and situations as they are, our minds become strong and wide.  Then it becomes possible to act for other people with no trace of self-interest.

The expectation of the Blue Heron Zen Community is that each resident will make the most of this rare opportunity by making a clear commitment to group and individual practice, form student-teacher relationships with our Guiding Zen Master and JDPSNs, keep the Zen Center clean and organized, and be a contributing member to the community.

Please read the Resident Guidelines and contact us for more information or to apply for residency.  Thank you for your interest and support of Zen practice for yourself and for all sentient beings.