Kyol Che Workshops – 2024

The focus for this year’s Kyol Che is the Six Paramitas, the transcendent perfections: Generosity: (dana),  Morality/Precepts: (sila), Patience: (ksanti), Diligence/Energy: (virya), Meditation: (dhyana), and Wisdom: (prajna)

Workshops will be held every other Sunday morning.

  • February 4 – GENEROSITY (Jeong Ji Soen Sa)
  • February 18 – MORALITY Jeong Bong Soen Sa)
  • March 3 – PATIENCE (Paul Gulick JDPSN)
  • March 17 – ENERGY (John Craycraft)
    (This workshop will be presented on a Retreat Sunday)
  • March 31 – MEDITATION (Jim Peacey)
  • April 14 – WISDOM (Jeong Bong Soen Sa)

Presentations will be recorded, and will be available here.

Kyol Che Retreats are: