Kyol Che Workshops – 2023

The focus for this year’s Kyol Che is Zen’s Women Ancestors. Who are they, and what wisdom and compassion teachings have they extended to us over the millenia? And why is this important? From the mythological to the unnamed and little-known, we’ll be learning from these women ancestors and weaving them into the great, rich history of Zen.

Workshops will be held every other Sunday morning, beginning February 5 and running through April 16.  You can listen to the audio by clicking on the title.

Jan 22, Summary of Kyol Che Talk 1 (a printed handout), Zen Master Jeong Ji

Feb 5, Mythological Women Ancestors, Gerald Seminatore

Feb 19, Indian Women Ancestors: Maya and Mahapajapati, Chris Chapman
Handout for Workshop 2, Songs of Maya and Mahapajapati

March 5, China (part 1), Sul’s Unmoving Mind, John Craycraft

March 17 – 19, Retreat #2,  Ann Pepper JDPSN

March 17, The Taoist Roots of Zen
March 18, Buddhism meets Taoism, the Eight Immortals and Taoist Women
March 19, The shape of our Zen practice today and some gazelles

April 2, China (part 2), Women Ancestors of 12th Century China, Paul Gulick

April 16,  Contemporary Korean Master Daehaeng Kun Sunim Eric Nord JDPSN

April 21 – 23, Retreat #3, 

April 21, Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen in Traditional Korean Society, part 1
April 22, Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen in Traditional Korean Society, part 2
Women have played vital roles in Korean Buddhism since it was first introduced there 1,600 years ago. As political tides shifted over the centuries, they have found resourceful ways to express their spiritual lives within the confines of a patriarchal culture.