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Blue Heron Zen Community

.We strive to be an open community. You are welcome here, just as you are.

We are an easy-going, friendly community of lay Zen students, physically located in Seattle, Washington, although our online Sangha is far broader. Please join us! Our meditation practice is rooted in the Korean Zen tradition, in the lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn. Our teachings, forms and meditation practices are open to all people regardless of religious or cultural background. We practice inclusivity with a home-grown community flavor of gentleness, sincerity, good humor and flexibility. Come and visit – our mind/heart doors are open.

We offer group practice, retreats, talks, and other activities with the simple goal of inspiring and supporting your own efforts to perceive your true nature.  The programs at Blue Heron Zen Community can help you begin and sustain a rewarding Zen meditation practice.

Through November, 2021, our practice is principally online with some in-person sessions.  Beginning December 5 we will extend our in-person practices by including a hybrid Sunday morning practice that is both in-person and streamed for online participants. Please see Practice With Us for details about on-line and in-person practices.

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We’re happy to report that our re-opening committee has recommended that we can extend our in-person practices by including a hybrid Sunday morning practice that is both in-person and streamed for online participants, starting on December 5. After practice conversations will be held separately.

Some important details:

  • People attending in-person practice must provide proof of vaccination.
  • All other previously established COVID safety protocols still apply (masks, ventilation, distance, etc).
  • Retreats will still be online for now.

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day / Sangha Meeting

Please mark your calendars for a Blue Heron double header on Sunday December 5th starting at 9:00 AM. First on the program is our Buddha’s Enlightenment Day ceremony. Following the ceremony will be our December Sangha meeting, one of only two Blue Heron Sangha meetings held each year.

December 5th also marks a return to combined in-person and online Sunday practice. Yes, the ceremony will be conducted at the Zen center, and in-person attendance is an option, but the ceremony will also be streamed on Zoom. (Those attending in person should note the details in the announcement above.)

Please note that while the ceremony will include both in-person and Zoom options, the Sangha meeting will be held exclusively on Zoom, beginning at 10:30 AM. Those of us who attend the ceremony in-person are encouraged to hurry home afterword and log into the Sangha meeting. Included on the agenda for the Sangha meeting are nomination of two current Board members for another two-year term each, and nomination of a new member to the Board. Sangha members, please come and cast your votes!

Once again, mark your calendars for two Blue Heron events on Sunday morning, December 5th, beginning at 9:00 AM. See you then!

Awakening to Whiteness: Using the Dharma to Dismantle Oppression – Online Classes

The Zen Community of Oregon is again offering the Awakening to Whiteness series of classes, January 22,2022 – June 30, 2022.  Signup closes December 28, 2021. An orientation session will be held December 12, 2021.

Awakening to Whiteness is structured as an “affinity group” for white people to explore the elements that have contributed to this often unconscious identity. They explore in this way with an understanding that our own liberation/awakening is intimately bound to one another.

For more details, and to sign up, please visit

Great Love, Great Compassion

Our online Altar where you can submit names for Kwan Seum Bosal and Ji Jang Bosal chanting