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Blue Heron Zen Community

.We strive to be an open community. You are welcome here, just as you are.

We are an easy-going, friendly community of lay Zen students, physically located in Seattle, Washington, although our online Sangha is far broader. Please join us! Our meditation practice is rooted in the Korean Zen tradition, in the lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn. Our teachings, forms and meditation practices are open to all people regardless of religious or cultural background. We practice inclusivity with a home-grown community flavor of gentleness, sincerity, good humor and flexibility. Come and visit – our mind/heart doors are open.

We offer group practice, retreats, talks, and other activities with the simple goal of inspiring and supporting your own efforts to perceive your true nature.  The programs at Blue Heron Zen Community can help you begin and sustain a rewarding Zen meditation practice.

Links to information you may find helpful:


In-Person Practice Oct 5, 7 Is Canceled

There will be no in-person practice held at the Zen Center on Wednesday and Friday, October 5th and 7th. In-person practice will resume on Sunday October 9th. Thank you for your patience, and for being a part of Blue Heron.

Sunday Dharma Dialogs

Starting in October, Eric Nord, JDPSN and Zen Master Jeong Ji will be offering in-person Dharma Dialogues on occasional Sunday mornings during practice (to be determined on an ad hoc basis, depending on their availability). If you cannot attend an in-person Dharma Dialogue, we encourage you to [...]

Newcomer Orientation on Sunday Mornings

An orientation meeting for those new to our practice will be held each Sunday morning, beginning promptly at 8:30am Pacific Time, at the Blue Heron Zen Center, 10303 Densmore Ave North in Seattle. (Except during Retreats or Ceremonies) This meeting will provide an orientation for anyone who [...]

Residential Training Opportunity

Blue Heron Zen Community currently has openings for residential training at our center in North Seattle.  Residency at the Zen Center offers a unique opportunity to strengthen one’s Zen practice in a beautiful and mutually supportive environment. Prospective residents will have a strong commitment to Zen practice, [...]

Great Love, Great Compassion

Our online Altar where you can submit names for Kwan Seum Bosal and Ji Jang Bosal chanting