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Blue Heron Zen Community welcomes you just as you are.

We are an easy-going, friendly community of lay Zen students, physically located in Seattle, Washington, although our online Sangha is far broader. Please join us! Our meditation practice is rooted in the Korean Zen tradition, in the lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn. Our teachings, forms and meditation practices are open to all people regardless of religious or cultural background. We strive to be an open community by practicing inclusivity with a home-grown community flavor of gentleness, sincerity, good humor and flexibility. Come and visit — our mind/heart doors are open.

We offer group meditation, retreats, talks, and other activities with the simple goal of inspiring and supporting your own efforts to perceive your true nature. The programs at Blue Heron Zen Community can help you begin and sustain a rewarding Zen meditation practice.

View our schedule of in-person and online Group Meditation

Getting Started

With simplicity and wonder, Zen means discovering the true nature of reality. But to truly understand Zen, you must try it for yourself.

If you’re the type of person that likes to jump in with both feet, you are welcome to come to any of our practice times and just join in. Welcome to our sangha and our practice home. There is never a charge for regularly scheduled practice, although donations are gratefully accepted.

If you would like an introduction to our practice, please join us at 9:30 am on Sundays for an orientation with a Dharma Teacher at Blue Heron Zen Community. This in-person session introduces Zen practice and answers your questions. This is followed by our regular Sunday practice at 10:00 am. (If you cannot join an introduction on Sundays, contact us for other options, or come 10 minutes early to any practice.)

What’s Going On

Two Day Retreat, December 1 – 22023-10-22T20:58:44-07:00

Daily 7 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time.

Beginning Friday, December 1, we will gather our online and in-person communities for a 2-day group practice, a Dharma talk, and personal Dharma dialogues with Zen Master JeongJi.  We welcome you to join us for all or part of the 2-day period.

More Information and Registration

Buddha’s Enlightenment Day Ceremony December 32023-11-27T20:07:34-08:00

Please join us in a celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment Day at our 10:00 am practice on December 3. Friends and family members are warmly welcome to attend.

The program for the Ceremony is here.

Sangha Meeting December 32023-11-26T07:36:51-08:00

The second of two annual Sangha meetings will be held on December 3, beginning after our Buddha’s Enlightenment Day Ceremony, at approximately 11:15 am Pacific Time.  This meeting is open to all members and interested parties.

The meeting will be held in-person at the Zen Center and will be streamed on Zoom.

We will correct and approve the minutes of the April 7 Sangha meeting. Draft minutes are here.

Friday Evening Practice, Seu Mi Sa Temple in Tacoma2023-10-09T17:55:48-07:00

The Korean community in Tacoma has invited us to join them for weekly meditation practice on Friday evenings, 7:00-9:00pm. Our Sangha members are welcome to join any week, and there is no need to register in advance.

Seu Mi Sa is a beautiful traditional Korean temple, well worth experiencing. Blue Heron Zen Community has a long-standing relationship with this temple and their community, and they have always been gracious and welcoming.

Meditation sessions occur in the main temple adjacent to the parking lot. Please note that the temple is not heated, so dress accordingly.

Seu Mi Sa Temple is located at 227 E 72nd St, Tacoma, WA.

Online Dharma Dialogue Opportunities2023-09-20T15:15:46-07:00

Zen Masters Jeong Ji and Jeong Bong offer online Dharma Dialogues in addition to in-person interviews. If you cannot attend an in-person Dharma Dialogue, we encourage you to sign up for an online Dharma Dialogue. Sign up here with Jeong Ji Soen Sa or here with Jeong Bong Soen Sa.

Our Senior Dharma Teachers also offer Online Dharma Dialogues. You may schedule an appointment by reaching out to them directly.
Jeff Tipp JDPSN jefftipp@gmail.com
Greg Eisen eisengn@gmail.com
Paul Gulick paul@blueheronzen.org
John Craycraft john.craycraft@comcast.net
Chris Chapman chris@blueheronzen.org

Residential Training Opportunity2023-04-06T09:38:43-07:00

Blue Heron Zen Community has openings for residential Zen training at our Center.  Residence offers an opportunity to deepen one’s Zen practice.  Prospective residents are expected to have a strong commitment to Zen.  For more information, please see our Resident Guidelines.  If you’d like to discuss becoming a resident at Blue Heron, please contact Abbott Paul Gulick or Zen Master Jeong Ji.

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