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YouthCare Dinner: Friday, October 25

Help us prepare and serve a hot, love-filled meal to homeless youth. Blue Heron Zen Community will sponsor meal preparation and service at the YouthCare Orion Center, which is located at 1828 Yale Ave, Seattle, on Friday, October 25th. We will meet there at 4:30, or at the Zen Center at 3:15 to carpool.

YouthCare works to help homeless youth get off the street and into a stable life trajectory. (Read more about YouthCare here: https://www.youthcare.org.)

If you are interested in participating, there will be a sign-up sheet at the Zen Center. Please email any questions to megatlakeforestpark@gmail.com.

For a different way to help, you can offset the cost of the food through a targeted donation (PayPal option below), or put a check in an envelope at the Zen Center with “YouthCare” in the memo line.

To make a targeted donation to this Bodhisattva Action through PayPal, please click the Donation button below. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can use your credit card.


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Potluck and Book Club: Sunday, October 27, 10:00 am

We are hosting a monthly book club, combined with a Potluck. This will take place on the last Sunday of every month, at 10 am.

We are reading Swampland Flowers, by the great 12th c. Chinese Zen Master Ta Hui, translated by Christopher Cleary. This book consists of a series of short letters he wrote to lay practitioners, outlining the core of Zen practice, its methods, pitfalls and applications for living in the world as an ordinary/extraordinary human being. Please join us!

At the next meeting, we will be reading and discussing letters nine, ten and eleven.  You are welcome to attend and participate whether or not you have the chance to read them in preparation for the meeting.

Note: while the hardcover book is out of print, there are some used copies out there. Also, it is available as an ebook to download to your reader or tablet. And…if neither of those options work for you, we have a few copies at the Zen Center.

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Green Seattle Day, Saturday, November 2

The BHZC Community Engagement Group encourages you to join us in participating in Green Seattle Day on Saturday, November 2, 2019.  This is an opportunity to join in a major planting event in 17 of  Seattle’s parks.  We will be planting trees and shrubs so that they can settle in during the winter rains and be ready to grow in the spring.

Some of us will be participating at Northacres Park (NE 130th Street, between I-5 and 1st Ave NE), where one of our members (Bob Werner) has been volunteering for several years.  Others may find it more convenient to volunteer at a park in their own neighborhood.

More information is available at  https://www.greenseattle.org/get-involved/green-seattle-day/ , or you can sign up for the Northacres Park event at https://seattle.greencitypartnerships.org/event/16620/

Please sign up early.  All volunteer slots are frequently filled weeks before the actual day.

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Two Day Retreat with Eric Nord, JDPSN: December 6-7

Friday: 7am – 8:30pm
Saturday: 7am – 4pm

Retreats offer a rare opportunity to let go of the demands of our busy lives and recognize our inherent compassion and wisdom through dedicated Zen training. Each day includes chanting, sitting and walking meditation, a private kong-an interview and lunch. Here’s more detailed retreat information and retreat schedule.

Daily Retreat Fees:
Members: $30 plus dana* per day.
Non-members: $40 plus dana* per day.
*Dana is a voluntary donation of gratitude to our teacher(s).

Register Now!

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Volunteering in Hospice Care

BHZC Member Glenda Guinn-Gilles has volunteered for nearly 10 years at the Wockner Hospice Center associated with EvergreenHealth.  “It continues to teach me so much about being present and how to open my heart and dwell in the silence,” she says.   “I would be happy to answer any questions from a volunteer perspective. I have volunteered in the field providing respite for family caregivers, I currently sub at the reception desk at the hospice center, I make weekly Tuck In calls to say hello to my list of patients and loved ones and to see if they need anything prior to the weekend. I also sing in the Evergreen Threshold Singers which rehearses and sings weekly at the hospice center. There are even more ways to volunteer with intense patient contact to positions with no patient contact.”

From the EvergreenHealth website: Volunteers are integral members of the hospice care team and help support patients and their families. Our specially trained volunteers assist staff and welcome guests at the hospice care center in Kirkland and visit patients who live at home or in facilities in communities throughout King and Snohomish Counties.
What would you do as a hospice volunteer? Hold a hand, watch television, listen to music or sing old songs, cook a meal, do some light housekeeping, listen to someone’s life story, run errands, go for a walk or wheelchair stroll, give an exhausted caregiver a short break. It’s the simple act of just showing up that can make a difference.
Volunteers are trained and supported by the volunteer coordinators and the hospice team.

Trainings are available this year on : May 29 and June 6, August 7 and 21, and October 16 and 23.  Times are arrangable.
Location:  Gene & Irene Wockner Hospice Center
12822  124th Lane NE
Kirkland, WA 98034

The frequency of volunteering activity can be arranged.

More information is available at https://www.evergreenhealth.com/volunteer-info?fbclid=IwAR05NALGAw3wAN-UtBzbOKTYa6Rf6SuBuVTLGrRwql-gQacPBQX5qHhw9FQ

or contact Glenda by email at gggilles@comcast.net, or by text at (206) 372-0554

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