zen students bowing

Retreat Information

Retreats are the backbone of our Zen training. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree for six years and for nine years, Bodhidharma sat silently in Sorim. If we aspire to free our minds of accumulated habit energy (karma), then we must take what opportunities we can to devote ourselves to meditation with great faith, courage and inquiry. Retreats, varying from one to several days, provide that space, with the guidance of our teachers and support of the practicing sangha.

Registration and Fees

At this time, all retreats are a hybrid of in-person at the Center and  online via Zoom.

Retreat Fees for Online Retreats:

Members: $25 plus dana* per day.
Non-members: $35 plus dana* per day.
*dana is a voluntary gratitude to our teacher. Learn more about dana.

The registration form page includes a link that allows you to pay your retreat fee, and include dana, through PayPal.
If you have any questions about retreat registration, contact us.

2024 Retreats

Fri-Sun, January 26 – 28, 3-Day Retreat with Paul Gulick, JDPSN (past)

Fri-Sun, March 15 – 17, 3-Day Retreat with Chris Chapman, JDPSN (past)

Fri – Sun, April 19 – 20, 2-Day Retreat with Jeong Bong Soen Sa (past)

Fri – Sun,  June 21 – 23, 3-Day Retreat with Zen Master Jeong Bong (past)

Sat – Sun, August 17 – 25, 9-Day Retreat with Zen Master Jeong Bong, Paul Gulick JDPSN and Ann Pepper JDPSN

Fri – Sun, October 18 – 20, 3-Day Retreat

Fri – Sat, December 6 – 7, 2-Day Retreat

Head Dharma Teacher

The Head Dharma Teacher is a senior student who is responsible for the smooth operation of the retreat. He or she will conduct an orientation when the retreat begins and during the retreat as new participants arrive. If you have questions or problems during the retreat, please use the chat feature of Zoom to write a private note to the Head Dharma Teacher who will help (or set up a meeting with the teacher leading the retreat).


During retreats we keep silence at all times. Silence not only helps you maintain strong practice, it is a gift that helps others sustain their own practice. If you need to communicate about a personal issue, please use the chat feature of Zoom to write a private note to the Head Dharma Teacher.

The Dharma Room — In Person and Virtual

Everyone helps maintain an atmosphere of quiet in the dharma room. Please don’t move during sitting periods. If you are sleepy or in a great deal of pain you may do a sitting bow and then stand up quietly behind your cushion, with your hands in hapchong. Before sitting back down again, do a standing bow and then settle quietly.
Please “enter”, “leave”, and act in the Virtual Dharma Room as if it were the actual Dharma Room.


There will be private interviews with the teacher during the day. During an interview, the teacher can help you with your individual practice and answer specific questions about Zen meditation. During in-person interviews, you may be asked to wear a mask to protect the health of our teachers, and in those cases masks will be provided. Online interviews are in a private breakout session.

End of Retreat

The retreat will end with a “circle talk,” during which participants are invited to share their thoughts about the retreat with the group.