Great Love, Great Compassion Chanting

We invite you to register the name of a friend or loved one who is currently suffering for Kwan Seum Bosal Chanting, or of a friend or loved one who has recently died for Ji Jang Bosal Chanting. We will recite these names when we do special chanting.

For those that are not known to us personally, but for whom we would like to chant, whether it be a person, a cause or an entire nation, please know that they are already included in the infinitely wide scope of this compassion chanting.

Kwan Seum Bosal Chanting

Kwan Seum Bosal means “One Who Listens to the Cries of the World”. When we chant the name of Kwan Seum Bosal, we engage in a meditation practice of opening  our hearts to great love and great compassion. We become one. Becoming one, minds and hearts meet. Peaceful, calm energy and the soothing hand of compassion meet our suffering loved one, no matter what the distance in space and time.

Ji Jang Bosal Chanting

From our Zen practice perspective, we chant the name Ji Jang Bosal to awaken in this very moment, transforming consciousness from one moment world to the next. If, for one instant, we completely chant — then all beings, living and in death, awaken at once! Traditionally, from a religious Buddhist perspective, Ji Jang Bosal is the Bodhisattva that accompanies those who have died, helping them to clarify their karma during the 49-day period known as the Bardo realm, when their consciousness is transforming from one life to another.

Ji Jang Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

  • Sam Wong and Zack
  • Evelyn Dunkin
  • Kerri Wood
  • Lydia Rachal and family
  • Asher ben Chana
  • Kate Ervin
  • Poe Family
  • Thomas Grissom Family