Precepts Workshop

What are Zen Precepts?

They are a way to commit to Zen practice and express an affinity with the Blue Heron Zen Sangha. The Five Precepts express one’s practice to abstain from:
  • taking life (traditionally: killing)
  • taking things not given (stealing)
  • misconduct done in lust (misusing sex)
  • lying (false speech)
  • intoxicants taken to induce heedlessness (drunkenness)
At the workshop, we will discuss what the Precepts mean and how they fit into Zen practice. Those who take Precepts receive a brown kasa and a Buddhist name in our lineage.


Are you eligible?

Precepts candidates should:
  • Practice regularly with BHZC either in person or online
  • Have experience in Dharma Dialogues with our Zen Masters or Ji Do Poep Sa teachers
  • Have attended one or more retreats at BHZC
  • Be a member of BHZC at any financial level
  • Have one year of experience in Zen practice (including BHZC or elsewhere)

Next steps

If you are interested in taking Five Precepts — or in learning more about them at the March 10 workshop — please email Chris Chapman JDPSN at

For those interested in Precepts beyond Five Precepts (such as Ten Precepts)

We hope to hold a second ceremony later in 2024. Stay tuned.