A Personal Tribute to Lisa

Lisa Kaufman embodied the Bodhisattva’s path of love, compassion, wisdom, and generosity as long as I knew her.

Lisa and I were dharma sisters, moms comparing notes on family life, as well as teacher and student for many years. She taught me a great deal, with gentle warmth and good humor, about how to pay attention and be meticulous! I think most of us at the Blue Heron community didn’t even realize how attentive to detail she had been until she and her family moved to Michigan. Then, with a small army of sangha members, we attempted to fill her shoes…but of course, it couldn’t be done. Her “just-do-it” way of being inspired us all. Also, her teaching, and her intimate knowledge of yoga that she shared with us helped to deepen our practice of meditation.

Speaking as a teacher, and having accompanied Lisa on the dharma path for so many years, I would like to share a couple of observations with you. Lisa had that rare way-seeking mind that never wavered. She was a consummate student of the true nature of reality. She had a deep reservoir of inner strength, intuition, and was never shy about finding her own way. At the same time, Lisa was open, actively curious to learn more, from anyone, at any time.

May her beginningless and endless being be a light for all of us.

Bowing in gratitude,

Jeong Ji