Parking Plan

Our intention is to minimize our parking impact on our neighborhood by using our own spots on our property, using mass transportation or biking whenever possible, and when parking in the neighborhood to disperse into the blocks around our temple.

Blue Heron Zen has 9 parking spots on its property. In addition, we have 2 spots just below our property on the south and east side.

When parking on our property, residents should use the lower spots. When these are open, everyone should use them first. Next, use the 2 spots on the north side of the house. This helps to know when the upper spots are open. Finally, use the 2 spots adjacent to the entry door into the Zen Center. There is a handicap spot – next to the door. Please leave this open for participants needing extra assistance into the Zen Center. However, this spot may be used as a last resort if we are close to practice time.

Please do not park in the upper spot facing the fence. This area is for turnarounds for the handicap and top spots.

When parking in the neighborhood, please do not block driveways. When we have ceremonies, parking further away from the Zen Center helps to not over park in our immediate vicinity. Please do not park in front of the mailboxes or in the neighbor’s street just east of the mailboxes.

Thank you for your cooperation and for respecting our neighbors.